I build my quad with 1000 kv motors
the quad seems fine and when i use the transmitter sticks... either it is too much or low..and on flight it drops down and crashes..How can  i stablise it and i am afraid in this scale its flying it may damage someone...Its like being mad..I heard about PID tunning and can i hover it without GPS and barometer.

Re: I configured my quadcopter f450 and i am struggling to fly it stable!
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Most quads close to 450 size fly well with stock PIDs as long as you use PWMSync or [email protected] on Output page for ESC protocol on ALL ESCs.

I have many that are this size and also use 1000KV motors and 1045 props and 3S LiPo.

What flight mode are you flying?  Stab1 which is Attitude, Attitude, AxisLock, ManualThrust?

Is the problem that you can't keep it waist high?  It just takes practice with very small changes to throttle stick.

A video would help us a lot to see what your problem is.