Revo/GPS M8N /Magnetometer
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hello, first of all sorry for my english I'm new and I'm using translation and thank you for your attention
I have a Revo with GPS compass M8N without compass and I am not getting the correct parameter
My correct setup for GPS is (INS13), on the magnetometer (GSPSV9) but I have tried all and different problems appear
The Master Caution is either floating or red and the flashing magnetometer
Thank you for your help.

(Cliff changed the title from CC3D to Revo because this is apparently a Revo question)
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Re: Revo/GPS M8N /Magnetometer
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If you talk about INS13 your board is a Revolution board, not a CC3D.
If your GPS do not have Magnetometer the only available is the magnetometer from board.

Master caution means the board is waiting for all alarms green, like green GPS and Mag to initialize the INS13 algorithm.
Except if you twist all the wires and your frame is big you cannot run INS13 / GPS assisted flightmodes without a external magnetometer, away from magnetic fields into the frame (strong current, lipo saver....)

Re: Revo/GPS M8N /Magnetometer
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You must have a correctly made cable (Tx on one connector connects to Rx on the other connector and vice versa).

You must have the cable connected to the correct plug in the GPSv9.  The correct connector says MCU.

You must have the Hardware page GPS baud rate set to 57600 since GPSv9 does not do auto-baud and is fixed at 57600.

You must have the flight battery plugged in for the GPS to have power.

After getting it working (GPS is yellow or green), the mag must be calibrated on Attitude page.

What color (and sometimes an X) does the GPS have?  Red X means bad cable / no power since no signal is being received.  Red square means cable and power are correct, but no satellites are seen (happens indoors).  Yellow or green means it is connected and working.  Must be green to arm and fly.


Re: Revo/GPS M8N /Magnetometer
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Before I want to thank for the answer, my plate is a Revolution Mini powered by the Bec of the frame 5v direct on the positive and nagativo in the input PWM, I did not find another entry in the Mini CC3D card, my ESCs are OPTO and the GPS receives the board feed through Main Port
The interesting thing is that I have a green connection from the GPS (I get 10 satellites, 3D), the problem is in the ATTI, STAB and Magnetometer that turn red and even green at times.
I think the Magnetometer is getting wrong information, maybe from the GPS configuration, although it has calibrated more than once following the manual, it turns green for moments, turning to orange and red with the drone stopped.
The horizon of the Master Caution also swayed with the stopped drone without movement.
When the Magnetometer turns solid red, I calibrate again and it turns green flashing, it seems that it loses the previous data.
Could bec connection with the board be interfering?
Have you ever seen a problem like that?
Thank you


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Re: Revo/GPS M8N /Magnetometer
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You reported first your GPS does not have a mag so the only mag available is the mag from board and nothing related to the external GPS reporting only the position coordinates.

Seems the onboard mag is too much disturbed and cannot be used since there is strong currents around.

Re: Revo/GPS M8N /Magnetometer
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Exactly what GPS do you have?  OP GPSv9?  A picture, including cables would help.

OP GPSv9 has mag built in that sends mag and gps on same cable.  DJI GPS does this too.  All others that LP supports use 2 cables, one for GPS and other for mag.


Re: Revo/GPS M8N /Magnetometer
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Hi, since gps has no mag, what is the correct configuration of mag in setup? Mine is like OnboardOnly and in mag type it only has GPSV9, Flexi or DJI and is like GPSV9 to which to change?
In GPS settigs the best config is INS13 or other configuration?
Thanks for the answer

Re: Revo/GPS M8N /Magnetometer
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OnBoard Only

But that small of a quad usually has the FC mounted so close to the motor wires that the mag distortion is too much to fly with OnBoard mag.  Note that it sets up and calibrates just fine, but fails when flight level power flows.

The reason that external mags are preferred is that it gets the mag sensor farther away from the high current battery/motor wires.


Re: Revo/GPS M8N /Magnetometer
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I understood, thank you very much for your orientations