Upgrading from 16.09 to next
« on: January 28, 2018, 09:34:58 am »
Hi all
I have a Sparky2 FC and I'm using an OpLink Mini on a Turnigy 9X for both command and telemetry.
I've compiled the next on my own and would like to know if upgrading both the Sparky2 and the OpLink Mini will make me lose the parameters I have on both?
Is there a simple way to perform the upgrade while assuring that no parameters are lost and that the configuration stays the same?
Is there any risk of the above not being at all possible?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Upgrading from 16.09 to next
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The more difference between old and new versions, the more settings you loose.  You should assume that you loose all settings and start over when the changes are as numerous as with 16.09 to next.

On the other hand, UAV files are just human readable text.  You can use a text editor to (line by line) painstakingly copy each individual setting number out of an old (16.09) UAV file and replace that setting number in a default 'next' UAV file.  For must users it is probably easier to screen capture each old GCS page that has non-default values and hand type them into a default (settings erased) new GCS setup.

Make sure you "export uav settings" from the old GCS before upgrading.

Re: Upgrading from 16.09 to next
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Thanks TheOtherCliff,
I'll try it as you say, i.e., a sort of manual update.