I've got the problems
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Hi there, My name's Thierry
I have  a strange problem. I built a Robo-Cat 270 with the KINGKONG Force 200 4 x 2204-2300kv Set. The controller is a Micro CC3D (Atom like). I updated to Librepilot. The receiver is connected via PPM. Battery is 3S, 1400mAh, 65C. The controller is suppled by a 5V/3A BEC สมัครufabet

The copter flies quite well with the standard settings. However, in 3 of 8 attempts to fly a flip, the controller seems to switch into some kind of failsafe mode. It does the flip, than it stabilizes the copter and descends with around 2m/s. I always tried in 10m height. That is why I had time to observe. During the descend there is no control on throttle ทางเข้าufabet
After each crash I disarmed the motors (by low throttle, left yaw). The motors always were disarmed when I reached the copter. I can not tell if this is the reaction to my disarm TX-command or any kind of self disarm. Anyway after picking it up it is ready to fly again.

Any suggestion would be great 


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Re: I've got the problems
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Hi, welcome.

Just after the crash if you can connect the board without removing the battery and look the FlightTime (PFD corner or Firmware tab) you will be able to know if the board restarted while crashing.
Double check the receiver and power wiring.

Please post your config file. File > Export UAV Settings
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