Acroquad 400
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Build Name: Acroquad 400
Flight Controller: CC3D clone
LibrePilot version: 16.09 Black Rhino
Frame: DIY - 2mm carbon plates, 10x10x1mm aluminium arms
Motors: XXD A2208-1100KV / Racerstar BR2208-1100KV
ESCs: Multistar 20A Slim V2 (BLHeli 14.9 - Oneshot125 and damping light enabled)
BEC: generic eBay Mini DC-DC Converter Step Down Module Adjustable
Props: Gemfan 8x4.5 or Aeronaut CAMcarbon Light Prop 8x4.5
Battery: Power X6 3S 3300mAh 35C/70C
Telemetry: FrSky Battery Voltage Sensor FBVS-01 via S.Port
Rx: FrSky X4RSB
Tx: Taranis X9D +

My first multirotor larger than 250. Built for LOS acro flying only.
I had flashed the CC3D with Betaflight 3.1.7 and it had flied very good. Now I switched to Librepilot and after some tuning it flies great, too. The copter flight characteristics with Librepilot differs to Betaflight to my surprise. The most difficult tuning was to get good expo response within my 800degs/sec rates.

XXD A2208-1100KV motors are not well built. I bought 6 of them, 2pcs didnt work. One motor destroyed during a crash. Now one motor replaced with Racerstar BR2208-1100KV. The Racerstar motor looks better than XXD, it has all edges chamfered and runs smoothly.

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Re: Acroquad 400
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Have you tried acro+ flighmode?  If not i definitely recommend you looking into it. I personally like it the best,  for flipping and corkscrews

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I have tried the acro+ flight mode. I am fully satisfied with the rate mode. My rate mode response and max rate limit are 800 degs/sec with 15% expo. The acro+ moves it to the complete madness  :o

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But you can control the amount of madness you want.  :)

Fast Rate mode with expo should feel similar to Acro+, but I hear that Acro+ acts better in fast flips, because it has some "anti wind-up" code in it.