Reversing the direction of motors
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so in the video link below, this guy explains how to reverse the rotation of your motors on your quad. The only issue is that he explains how to do it on betaflight. I have thought about this before seeing this video. I think there could be some real world benefits out there for your kwad rotating the motors like he explained in the video. So my question is how to configure the flight controller using  lp?  I would think that in  would get messed up turning and a couple of other things that would need to be tuned. I can not for the life of me   understand in my brain what  needs to happen for  flight. Any help is greatly appreciated and about half way through the guys video is where he explained what to do.

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Re: Reversing the direction of motors
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For a quad running any brand of firmware, the motors must either be (assuming LP numbering) CW,CCW,CW,CCW <or> CCW,CW,CCW,CW

In LP, the default is CW,CCW,CW,CCW

In LP to use motors you have set up to be CCW,CW,CCW,CW, you just check the checkbox called "Reverse All Motors" on the Vehicle page.

If you are talking about reversing a single motor to make it fit the required order, you can:
- swap any two of three motor wires
- tell the ESC firmware to run it backwards (there are options for this in BLHeli and SimonK, and some stock ESC firmwares have a "transmitter menu with beeps" where you can do this ... you must have the instructions for that ESC to make changes like this and while you are at it you must disable LowVoltageCutoff or set it to Nicad)

Two wrongs do not make a right.  If a motor is running backwards, you can't just put the other kind of prop on it.

Re: Reversing the direction of motors
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So what im talking about is running the motors  Northwest motor ccw, Northeast motor cw, southwest motor cw southeast motor ccw. So the motors are running outward not inward. Like in the video link. So what i was going to do is swap all the motors left to right and vice versa because i have self tightening nuts and then reverse them on the output page. And then lp would know how to yaw and pitch n roll the quad correctly?   Because in the vid the guy does something to beta flight that i have no idea what it does.

Re: Reversing the direction of motors
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That's what "Reverse All Motors" does.

Be aware that LP numbers motors NW, NE, SE, SW