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heres a half awake but odd idea...   why not say no micro processor chips and put in effort to design a logic array.  with shift registers that can change fast enough PID loops could be done with boolean logic.   theres no cpu thats running at a percentage of max and can bog down.  no this cpu of shift registers is always at max speed and full 100% because its hard wired to do so and has no choice.  no hiccups from processing threads.  no the thing is a pure input-output circuit that just goes... how one feeds gyro data and rx data into the registers to have them output to esc is a really messed up task to attempt but if it works, and there wont be hardly any options to configure, the fc will be the ideal racing or acro board.  its a huge amount of work to downgrade from microcpu but the effort yields a stable and effective solution to fly our fancy drones around.  its an idea, hell maybe impossible  to pull off feasibly on a 36*36mm size pcb, but on the chance it does work without needing to consult atmel or intel, the board will rule them all. same logic As the encoding/decoding chips in dvd players and such.  easy to make cpu do it, but that eats up resources for other things that need it. making a circuit that boolean logics out the same result uses no cpu overhead and is actually very efficient power consumption wise  .  when i wake up in a few hours ill think it over again to try to guage feasability  .   i am alco certain the components would be way cheaper considering the stm32 are not exactly a dime a dozen. shift registers are however, close to a dime a dozen when purchased in bulk...

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Re: New affordable quality fc
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I am not developer so I speak only for myself, but I guess there are things you should consider
  • There are already many very good flight controllers on the market that are cheap (see attached picture taken from
  • Developers may want to contribute if it has interesting features and large user base or potentially large user base

What price range would be affordable ? Assembling Revo on your own should not cost more than $90 for components from digikey (see BOM prices when buying NOT in bulk) and $20 on 3 PCB boards from OSHPark, so pretty affordable to make prototype nowadays. It's VERY affordable to make an interesting prototype, hence such competitive market. Good FC are ~$40-50 on the market and some like this one for $52 includes ESC as well in that price

It's hard to beat that price, they are so cheap and good.
Do you have a prototype to show ?

I use SeeedStudio for pcb prototype - the price for a single board can be as low as $0.49 ;D