Can't callibrate my ESC's in Librepilot wizard
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:06:15 am »

Complete newbie, bought a kit on Alixpress and soldered my QAV 250 miniquad together.

When running through the wizard the first time couldn't get the beep on the ESC. Rechecked my wires and found a polarity mistake. Went to the local RC shop and bought a new set of ESC's.

know it still doesn't work, no beep when callibrating ESC's.

I checked the following with multimeter

1 no shorts anymore
2 12 V go's to ESC's
3 I find 5V volt on servo wires from the ESC's

In librepilot I checked

1 Callibration with Wizard NOGO
2 Callibration with Output tab NOGO
3 In scope and flight data I can see that the gyro is working

When conneced to USB my CCD3 has two led's blue and orange. When connecting directlty to battery and no USB connection nothing ?

And know the funny part

When disconnecting the servowires to the CCD3 I discovered that my ESC's have LED's  they lighted up. This is not happening as explained when servowires are connected neither with USB or without USB and battery.

Any idea's ?



Re: Can't callibrate my ESC's in Librepilot wizard
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Just to clarify: You measure 5V on servo connector coming from ESC when battery is connected, but USB is not connected and everything is wired normally (ESCs signal/servo connector is connected to FC pins).  Correct?  If it is lower than say 4.8V then it may be a problem.

If that is the case, it seems there is a rash of this happening lately.  I recall talking to at least two other people in the last 2 months that have this problem.  Some form of CC3D that works correctly when just USB is plugged in, but not when just flight battery is plugged in.

I believe that the first person to have this issue finally just connected from the USB port to the ESC/servo connectors some way.  So when power comes in the servo connectors it is forked to the USB where it can actually get in.

To help debug this problem, you could connect 6V to the FC as if 6V was coming from the ESCs and see if it starts to work then.

Re: Can't callibrate my ESC's in Librepilot wizard
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Orange led means sommething. I'm not 100% sure. i havent been able to find what it means. But have you flashed the most reasont   firmware and boot loader?