CC3D LibrePilot work just a few minutes
« on: May 03, 2017, 10:08:43 am »
So after minor crush (meet ground) FC starts behave like crazy.

Here is my steps:

1. Connect to usb, Librepilot see controller, everything ok, but after minute or so lost connection and do not recognize it anymore. Blue led stop blinking, only power left. Plus GCS lost usb port (do not have it anymore in dropdown list)
Upgrade & Erase or Rescue does not help.

2. I wait a couple hours and tried press Upgrade & Erase, then connect to usb. Device seems do everything normaly, then tell me everything is ok, FC recognized. Few minutes later, dead again.
Return to step 1.

Another strange thing - before crush output signals to ESC was around 1.6 v with 0% throttle. Now it around 3v. I do not know if it's important, I guess everything before 5v should be ok.

That my next move? Buy another FC?
Thank you!

Re: CC3D LibrePilot work just a few minutes
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2017, 05:30:59 pm »
I have some USB cables that do this if you wiggle them wrong.  Does it still go dead even if nothing is being moved at all?

Sounds like a cracked electrical trace somewhere.  Try to discover where.  If it is a problem when powered just with USB, then the crack would be in the CC3D somewhere.

Does it stay powered up if you power it by plugging in the flight battery?  If so, you might get by by powering it with battery while using USB.

Higher voltage signals to ESC might be caused by the erase that you did.  When you do setup, you change these.

Normal, full sized CC3D are less than USD $10 (shipped) on eBay.  If your time is worth more than $10 :) you should probably get one coming in the post.  But now is also the time to decide if you want something more than a CC3D.  ;)