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Hello everybody  :)

I have a problem with my CC3D controller which is on a quadcopter (DYS 320 full carbon fiber hobbyking) : I configurated it in order to use my radio on a stimulator : (Which works fine on any stimulator :)  )

But, as I am idiot, I changed the setting "USB VCP" to "USBTelemetry" and now the CC3D is waiting for telemetry and cannot communicate with the software, so I cannot reuse it on a normal application.

Is there an way to reset the hardware without librepilot ?
Is there a way to "emulate" a telemetry, so it can initialize and connect to the software ?

This is what I get on librepilot :

Thanks for your help  ;)


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First screenshot shows a connection but only one little Tx bar.
Most of the time this is a driver issue:

You can always Upgrade&Erase the board like this:
- Disconnect board
- Click 'Upgrade&Erase' button
- Connect board and wait.

This mean click the 'Upgrade&Erase' before connecting the board.


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Thanks for your reply  ;)

It has worked thank you !  :D
My CC3D is alive :)

Many many thanks :)