REvolution not booting
« on: November 12, 2016, 04:10:09 am »
I have a revolution board and used Librepilot to load the bu_revolution.opfw. I used rescue and loaded the bu_revolution.opfw. I then used upgrade. The board reboots but keeps disconnecting and will never connect. I am not able to boot the board. What am I missing.

Right now I just need some direction on how to load the bootloader, firmware, or whatever I need to move forward.

Pretty new to this board and would love any help I can get.


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Re: REvolution not booting
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2016, 08:54:56 am »
Hi, welcome.

From this post :

Resurrect firmware to download:;topic=208.0;attach=351

Try :

Flash and run the resurrection firmware:
- Run the GCS
- Unplug the board from power and USB.
- Go to the firmware tab in the GCS and press the Rescue button.
- Plug the board into USB.
- GCS recognizes the board in a few seconds.
- Press the "Open" button to navigate to and select the correct resurrection firmware opfw file that you downloaded.
- Press the Flash button to write the currently built firmware.
- It will start in a few seconds.  First it will erase, then it will write (flash) the firmware.
- When the flash is done, press the Boot button which will cause the resurrection firmware to run
- Let it run for 30 seconds at least.

Redo normal firmware upgrade to use the  firmware from GCS.