Re: Video Signal Loss
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I've been side tracked on this issue for a lot of reasons, one being I had to replace my speed controller.

Separately I now have GPS unit and a IC2 mag board both plugged in to the Flexi and Main ports.  I've got a full AR6000 receiver in this, so I'm not sure if/how I can configure this to add telemetry to the OSD.

I know the input port can be configured as combined telemetry with PWM (did I say that right?) but can I make that work with the AR6000 receiver?  ie: would I use the "Data" port from the AR6000 to connect, and then use the combined setting?

Other option I was wondering is if I can custom wire a feed from the USB port to get telemetry to the OSD?

I may not keep the GPS & Mag both in use, haven't decided yet.  I originally was trying to build a hybrid racer & photography unit.  Now that I have a separate camera drone, I may just pull the GPS & mag off this one... haven't decided for sure yet, but just exploring my options.

Any insight would be appreciated.



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Re: Video Signal Loss
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Hi Paul,

You have three ports on Revo: FlexiIO, Flexi and Main.
If I understand correctly, you want to connect, OSD, GPS, I2C and some DSM receiver.

As described on wiki
FlexiIO (aka receiver) port has different configurations in table. Two of pins on Revo (except mini-revo clone) are just TX,RX serial lines. These you can use to hook-up anything that needs serial protocol, that would be Telelemtry(OSD) or GPS in your case.

Telemetry is just sending UAVTalk so minimoposd with firmware provided on wiki can be used.
GPS is just UBX protocol which is also serial.

For that to work your receiver must be able to send PPM signal. Since for other protocols you would need another port and that is taken already.
For I2C you can only use Flexi port on Revo. Sparky2 has additional I2C port, but since its using the same STM32F405 chip it has similar limitations to total number of I/O. For example it does not have so flexible FlexiIO port.

Another option is getting DJI Naze GPS which protocol is supported by LP. This GPS uses just single serial line to communicate both GPS and Mag data. With DJI Naze GPS you would use just main port, leaving Flexi port available.

Again according to wiki Flexi supports DSM, GPS, I2C etc.. So you could place DSM on your Flexi and GPS+Mag on Main port. And OSD on receiver port. I imagine this as most optimal configuration for you.

Re: Video Signal Loss
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Thanks... I'll try to digest that all.  But it sounds like my current equipment won't work... Too many different needs...Unless I can possibly use the USB port for telemetry to the OSD?

I had ordered what was supposed to be a combined GPS and Mag, but Banggood likes to misrepresent a lot of their products.  So I ended up adding a separate Mag, which is what got me into problems.

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