F4 Clone flight controller help
« on: March 12, 2017, 10:00:45 pm »
Gentlemen, is there a way to flash librepilot onto boards that run an F4 chip?  I have a few different boards but none of them will connect to libre.  I am understanding that these boards contain blank chips without bootloaders installed???  Please help...
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Re: F4 Clone flight controller help
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It's a Revolution design assembled without magnetometer, barometer and oplink module.

You can check it by going to bitbucket hardware/production/ there you find assembly pdf which shows which chips are where and then BOM file which shows prices and what these components are.

I think firmware checks if these sensors are functional and fails otherwise, but I don't know details. It's better to buy normal Revo, so in short, I doubt this board would work at the moment with Libre. It may boot but will give stab alarm, not sensor alarm.

You can flash to empty chip Libre by soldering SBL pads, connecting USB and flashing with DFU ef_revolution.bin (ef=entire flash). This is described on forum and wiki. Then to boot, desolder SBL pads.