what kind of model should be chosen as the first FPV?
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There are two kinds of FPV in the market. One is RTF (ready to fly) UAV which means you can operate it as soon as you get it. Another one needs you to choose and buy body frame, motor, screw propeller and relative electronic component, then assembly and test them.

If you have strong manipulative ability, we strongly recommend second plan because the process of DIY for UAV is full of pleasure. Moreover, you will get many various skills in the process, which will help you a lot in the future.

Structure of FPV drone

You have to be aware of the structure of FPV drone no matter what kind of plan you choose. A FPV can be divided into several parts below.
The body frame: the frame of the plane.

Four motors: used to drive the propeller rotation

Four ESC (electronic speed controller): used to adjust electric current and supply power for motors.

Four screw propellers: rotating generates pulling to drive the plane to fly

Flight controller: the brain of FPV controlling various flying posture

FPV Lipo battery: supply power for the FPV, as usual, the battery capacity from 800mAh to 1800mAh.

Transmitter and receiver: used to transmit your control command to the FPV.

The components above can let the FPV fly and do some easy flying exercise. But if you want to enjoy real FPV, you need to ask help from the components below.

The camera and image transmission: used to transmit first view images seen from the FPV

FPV glass or screen: used to output the image seen from the FPV and give you an experience you are operating the plane.

Antenna: used too enlarge the signal from image transmission.

Having equipped with all the components above, you will go into the world of FPV. If you want to share your flying video, a HD camera is needed.

You can fly with your friend when you can master a FPV skillfully.