I'm setting up a HK CCS Mini Revo for fixed-wing FPV flight (but not autonomous beyond return-to-origin) in a Great Planes Syncro EDF (this is an electric foam nearly-a-glider with an overwing ducted fan); I have a video system, a uBlox GPS, and an OSD, but I foresee a problem in using the Revo's magnetometer with this model.

The Syncro uses several small but powerful magnets to hold the engine pod together (and to hold it on the wing), as well as to hold the canopy closed. I can remove the canopy magnets and slide the FCS forward, but I still expect the engine pod magnets to seriously affect the performance of the FCS magnetometer. (Note that I'm not even trying to use the external I2C mag on the GPS to get away from the engine pod magnets; I know there are support issues there). Removing the magnets may be quite destructive, as it requires digging them out of pockets in the foam.

My question is, what performance features will this degrade? Will I get a decent direction-to-home arrow on the OSD with a squirrelly magnetometer, or will return-to-origin be impaired as well?



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The RTB feature need a good Mag (not disturbed) like all autonomous features.

Thanks; I rather expected that to be the case. I'll just have to see how badly the magnets disturb The Force. In the worst case, I will have to buy a new foamie with no magnets. (Ooh, must buy a new plane! Such hardship ;-)