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I have a Revolution Mini (F4).  There is no Rev printed on the case, but it has a black and white arrow pointing forward.  Using LibrePilot 15.09 or 16.09 everything goes fine in the setup wizard until I get to motor #4.  It does not activate.  Swapping the PWM lead with motor #3, motor #4 does work, but #3 does not.  The PWM lead from #5 does not activate a motor either, so it appears that only PWM leads 1-3 work.  I have updated the firmware from both 15.09 and 16.09.  I never tried the original firmware that came installed.

Does this sound like a bad module, in which case I would return it to HobbyKing, or could it be a firmware or setup issue?  This is my first quad build so I am just learning about flight controllers.  However I have 40 years experience building RC airplanes, and am a retired electronics/software technician.

Thanks for your suggestions.

P.S. The module has the OP logo on it. 
Here's a picture
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Re: Revo Mini PROBLEM
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Can you post a screenshot of your output configuration tab?  It's possible you have something configured incorrectly.


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Re: Revo Mini PROBLEM
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This board has nothing related to original OpenPilot project or a CC3D board, even if there is a OP logo on it.
That a Revolution board with Oplink modem externalized with an additional board, done by Chinese cloners.

I doubt there is a firmware issue, more likely a hardware issue.
You can check the board using original schematic:

Some components are removed but outputs should be the same.