What OSD firmware is LibrePilot compatible with?
« on: September 19, 2016, 05:00:36 pm »
Firstly, a big THANK YOU to the folks who developed LibrePilot and the associated tools.

I'm setting up a HobbyKing MinimOSD clone (PDB_BEC+OSD) to work with their Revo clone (Revo Mini). While the basic system is working, I'm running into some problems configuring the OSD with the Minoposd firmware (LP_All_from_Revo1708.hex).

I've been able to install Minoposd and the appropriate charset on the OSD device, and it receives and displays basic telemetry from the FCS (notably attitude data, as shown by the artificial horizon display), so basic functionality and comms are good. However, I cannot seem to configure the OSD panels. Fields that I set up in the GUI config tool (callsign, for example) don't show up on the display at all.

The notes on Minoposd suggest that the fields I'm trying to reconfigure aren't implemented in the Minoposd firmware, so it seems that my display options will be limited with this firmware.

What firmware have you successfully used with LibrePilot and the various MinimOSD devices, and is there a recommended choice for setting up a more fully configurable display?


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Re: What OSD firmware is LibrePilot compatible with?
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CallSign is not used for display.
What other special configuration do you need ?

If you are not happy with current Osd firmware you can also switch to MWOSD and use the rel16.09-RC with MSP output.

Re: What OSD firmware is LibrePilot compatible with?
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Thanks for the quick reply, Laurent.
I'm interested in configuring a basic set of status readouts in a layout that I find intuitive; I don't think they are particularly special other than "this is where I want to see the battery voltage, altitude, airspeed, GPS distance from home, ..." By sheer bad luck, I chose Ham callsign as the first item to use for testing my ability to configure the display.  It would seem I chose exactly the wrong test case; Murphy strikes again. I'm good at that ;-)

I'll try configuring a minimal set of display items and see what success I have with those. If I can't make that work, I'll investigate the MWOSD option. From what I've seen so far, I think I'll be quite happy with Minoposd once I'm able to use the config tools properly.

Thanks again,