The WalkCam2
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   What's up frequent flyers... Hope all are having a great Sunday. I have had a runcam for quite some time now. I have always been impressed by the quality of the picture. I use it to record because the POV isn't adjustable and its a little wide for me,orientation wise. But unbelievably good picture. About a month ago i lost it when high upper winds prevented me from returning from my flight.(baby go byebye) In a very vast heavily over grown cattle ranch where i sometimes fly. I was offered a Runcam2 for damn near free for a review. Of course I'm sure you know it has wifi(2.4G) which they claim can be used for FPV. I knew from jumpstreet this wasn't going to be true, but thats not what i use them for. And it comes with a harness,that with a few alterations can be hardwired to a VTX. Here goes...... Its a piece of crap!! It has the good picture that they're known for, but the wifi signal is worse than 1990s dial up. I believe it would be better to send a friend out with a pencil and paper to draw what he seen and bring it back to use as fpv than this is. Constant freeze ups and signal loss with the camera sitting on top of the phone. I never used it for fpv and never planned too,but come on. I flashed the new software update as soon as i got it. It does have cool features but OSD is how you control it and it just wont stay connected. Has anyone else got one of these? Are you experiencing the same issues? I really don't think they will want my review( i give it a full 5 turds). I use this company a lot. And i like runcam a lot. The night owl 700tvl with starlight night-vision is one of my favorite cams.But I don't think it(runcam2) was worth the small amount i paid for it. Much less the $100 pesos(full price) they want for it. If you have one,im sorry, and let me know if you're having trouble or fixed something. If you don't have one....I would keep it that way. THanks friends. Taker easy
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Re: The WalkCam2
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Have been impressed with the runcam swifts that I've been using for fpv of late.
Was thinking that wifi fpv was more toy-grade stuff ?
(Agree -it still ought to work !)
Not that I want to take anything away from your classic rant. !