Hi, the baro is fine. It's a miniRevo (in a case with foam on the baro) and the fc has a canopy on it. PH is rock solid8)
Max tilt is default, I didn't adjust this.
Under Settings\Control\StabilizationSettings there are 6 CruiseControl.... settings.
Some are at 100%. Can these be set to beyond 100%?
There is no balloon help, can I find explanation of these somewhere?

youtu.be/cuvGy3NN7-8?t=20     I bank to the left and the copter drops when I let go of the stick and then slowly climbs back to its initial altitude. This is a short example at low altitude. If I kept banking left, it would drop during banking (about 2m).

I'm just curious if there is a way to tune this.

When it is banking and when it is moving the air is flowing differently and that does make a difference as to how much hits the baro.


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Hi Cliff,

Do you have a video, showing the VelocityRoam mode?

F450 Clone
Revolution FC
EMAX 2213 935 KV
HK 30A ESC UBEC running BLHeli 14.4
10x4.5 Propellers
DJI Naza clone Ublox M8N GPS

Hmmm.  Sorry, I don't.  At least I don't have one where I explain what the sticks are doing while it is flying in the video.  :(  An FPV video would show it flying straight forward at constant altitude and speed and then, while maintaining speed and altitude, making wide, graceful turns to come to a new direction forward.

Maybe I can explain a little.  With all sticks in the center, VR is just PositionHold.  All the sensors act together to keep it in the same place (including altitude) and pointing in the same direction.

Now hold a little yaw and it rotates in place to change direction, but still without changing location.  Use full yaw stickj for a few seconds to see it spin like a top.  Release the yaw stick.

Now, constantly hold a "small" amount of forward pitch stick and you have commanded it to constantly travel straight forward at a constant "small" speed (not a certain bank angle).  If you constantly hold left roll stick instead of forward pitch stick, it is commanded to fly sideways at a constant speed.  While doing this, everything else stays the same.  Altitude stays the same (and is held "exactly" there by baro and GPS data).  Yaw stays the same, so it remains pointed in the same direction.

The fun part starts by constantly holding a little forward pitch stick so you are constantly travelling forward slowly.  Hold the forward pitch constantly from now on.  Now move the yaw a little to come to a new heading.  You are now travelling forward in a new direction.  The yaw acts just like a steering wheel in a car.  Too much yaw and it even slides out like a car in a tight corner (but much less violently :) ).


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Holy moly , !
Tried Velocity Roam on new - to - me camera ship with small fpv rig on board
- tried that " pitch forward ,then steer like a car with yaw "
Thanks for the tip.

Now try roll left (simply makes you fly left) instead of pitch forward (which would make you fly forward) and discover that you can still steer it with yaw and you don't have to even think about the fact that it is going left instead of going forward.  It acts the same.

Then use constant roll left to fly left combined with a small constant amount of yaw right (to make a circle to the right).  This combination makes a circle with the nose always pointed inward.  This is great for making a video of something from all sides.  :)

And it works the other way too.  Roll right and yaw left.

If you find that the point of interest you are trying to circle is not perfectly in the middle of your circle, you can open the circle up (less yaw) or tighten it up (more yaw) to get your point of interest back in the center of the video you are taking.