win compile issues
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Thanks to jochene I have worked through all my win compile issues up to this point.  Dead in the water now.

Please advise, or better yet, please provide a compiled winx86 GCS executable.   I really want to give librepilot a go but having so many issues compiling it.

C:/librepilot-librepilot-2dcbfb0c9b20/build/firmware/fw_coptercontrol/fw_coptercontrol.bin.firmware_info.c:52:27: error: 'ul' undeclared here (not in a function)
     .timestamp          = ul,
C:/librepilot-librepilot-2dcbfb0c9b20/flight/make/ recipe for target 'C:/librepilot-librepilot-2dcbfb0c9b20/build/firmware/fw_coptercontrol/fw_coptercontrol.bin.firmware_info.o' failed
mingw32-make[1]: *** [C:/librepilot-librepilot-2dcbfb0c9b20/build/firmware/fw_coptercontrol/fw_coptercontrol.bin.firmware_info.o] Error 1
C:/librepilot-librepilot-2dcbfb0c9b20/flight/Makefile:214: recipe for target 'fw_coptercontrol_opfw' failed
mingw32-make: *** [fw_coptercontrol_opfw] Error 2


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Re: win compile issues
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Did you download archive ?
There is issue if you want to compile source from archive, some data is missing like commit information...

Try using Git, later you can also sync data and update with only little changes without downloading all again.

You should try something like that :

Code: [Select]
git clone Librepilot
cd Librepilot
git checkout rel-15.09

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