OSD display flickers when camera is connected
« on: May 12, 2016, 12:14:14 am »
Hello all.
 I recently installed 2 mini OSD's KV Mod on 2 quads, one with a fatshark 700tvl pilot and my srd250 with a new Foxneer? 1200tvl HD camera, which came with a programmer to adjust camera stuff.
 The fatshark set up displays OSD perfect, and OSD overlay is recorded on my dominator v2 when I view the recorded video on my laptop.
 On the SRD setup, with the camera plugged in, the OSD display flickers and is like 50% of what it is after I unplug the camera, even with the lenscap on, and OSD display doesn't record on the video, even though i can see it on my dominator v2's. ( I havent tried recording video with camera unplugged, will try that when I get back home).  I have checked the PAL/NTSC settings, both set to PAL, if I switch both to NTSC, OSD doesn't display anything.
 I have camera, transmitter, and micro OSD all being powered from 5v out from fatshark 250mw vtx, so power should be good.
 I found where there could be issues with higher resolution cameras, or the Chinese clone cameras have a v-sync issues.
 Any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: OSD display flickers when camera is connected
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Update. I had headset recording video, I could see the OSD display faintly, unplugged camera and OSD display appeared on the video, so has to be something with the camera


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Re: OSD display flickers when camera is connected
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The MAX7456 that the OSDs are based on is an 8 year old chip that only supports NTSC and PAL as they were 8 years ago.  Neither had 1200 lines  :(    Like you I seem to recall reading of others having the same type problems but don't remember if they ever found any good solution other than replace the camera.  I don't think so.

The MAX7456 is technically a discontinued chip although it's still being manufactured.   And the general electronics industry never released any updated replacement because they consider analog video obsolete.

Sorry I can't be more helpful...

Re: OSD display flickers when camera is connected
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2016, 04:24:35 pm »
 I think the HD camera is the problem, but it looks so sweet flying around, so much clearer than my 700tvl. I can see the info on my goggles, just can't capture it in the videos.
 So bright OSD display on low resolution camera or dim OSD display on high resolution camera. Decisions decisions .... Lol thanks again.
 Maybe someone will come up with a work around in the future, since HD cameras are becoming more popular, as is add on OSD's. Thanks again for your help. Have a good day.

Re: OSD display flickers when camera is connected
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Ok, weird update.
 Grown to live with faint and non recordable OSD,  I can see info well enough, besides I can't afford another FPV camera to replace the 1200tvl one now.
 So, was reviewing video recorded from my goggles, and you know how the transmitted signal/view gets interference every so often, well when this happens, the OSD info pops up for a split sec on the recording. I don't notice a difference while it's happening when I'm flying, but shows up on recording. Weird huh.