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Today when I booted up Blackie to see the swash move, etc. I saw a shocker!

When I pulled the right stick back past 42% the swash it tilted full left aileron. And when I titled the swash forward from 56% or so it leaned full left also. Next I rebooted both TX and Heli to find the same problem. I tried an older UAV file but same problem.

Then I changed my TX settings back to default preparing to do a "manual calibration " of my TX. I removed 30% expo, tail mix and I changed my throttle and pitch curves back to default.

I then noticed that the swash was behaving correctly so I did not perform the "manual calibration".
I put my expo back to 30%, tail mix, throttle and pitch curves back to how I like them and the swash works just right again.

Any ideas as to what happened?

DX7s was serviced at Horizon and inspected about 6 months ago.
Happy Landings!