How do I bind a spektrum satellite reciever through the gcs?  I have been told it can be done,  but I have yet to accomplish it.  I have hooked up thru the flexi port,  for signal and ground and have tapped into the 3.3volt solder pad on the cc3d,  to power the reciever.  I inadvertently hit bind on the transmitter while powering it up.  I didnt realize it was resting on a rock,  so now I have lost the bind.  I had a shop bind it to the radio,  using another reciever but they didnt have any to sell it was on for a plane they were building.  Now I need help getting it rebound.

Calvin Rhoads


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Take a look at this video:

The DSMxBind value depends on Dsm2 / DsmX: 5 or 9