Altitude hold setup on REVOLUTION board...
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Yes, i'm new to the 'quad' revolution but, i've gotten pretty good at getting the basic programming down. Recently i've upgraded to the Revolution board to get familiar with the "Altitude hold" part of it learned, programmed and functional.

My quad is tuned pretty well at the moment and it's flying nearly perfectly as it is but, being new at this part of it all, i'm not sure how to set up the altitude hold switches on my AT9 radio and sadly, i'm not at ALL sure where would be a 'safe' point to put the default settings into the Libre software. I'm concerned that i'm going to be doing just fine and flip the switch expecting it to hold at least somewhat close to where i'm expecting it to be and all the sudden, POOF it does something unexpected beyond what my reaction time is capable of recovering it. It's a fear thing i think of it doing some sort of fly off, i guess. Figured, it'd be MUCH brighter of me to ask before going into it blindly.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated y'all... and thanks in advance.

Oh, by the way... it's been fully calibrated so it's just getting the settings input in correctly, just to make sure i'm not pulling a bad move by not asking others who are more experienced at it than i am.

Re: Altitude hold setup on REVOLUTION board...
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Altitude Hold is a throttle mode that you attach to a flight mode.

Altitude Vario is better though.

I recommend that you always have an Attitude mode (normal throttle) on your flight mode switch.  On the second position, you can have Attitude mode with Altitude Vario throttle mode.


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Re: Altitude hold setup on REVOLUTION board...
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Are you sure your altitude is stable ?
Monitor altitude and look if you have jumps, for example in Firmware tab there is a altimeter or in Scopes tab.

Take a look at this page:

Be sure you correctly calibrated Accelerometers also.