CC3d and altitude hold?
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Firstly, kudos for the existence and responsiveness of Librepilot! After trolling several forums and Youtube, CC3D wih altitude hold is a fairly hot topic- requiring flashing cleanflight firmware and running it with a cheap BMP 180 barometer. So the hardware is capable and the function is extremely useful for intermediate and video fliers, and many are forced to go to cleanflight. Should it not be possible to make a custom firmware dropping an existing function and allowing CC3D fliers to have the function without going to cleanflight or buying the now expensive revo board? I, and I am sure many others would like to stay with our OP/Librepilot software. For me, Attitude, Rattitude, and Altitude vario would be very good to have- running Librepilot, of course.
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Re: CC3d and altitude hold?
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Baro sensor was supported at some point (2 or 3 years ago) with CC.
Adding baro to CC3D should implies add a driver but also a more sophisticated code for altitude.
Currently there is no plans for baro support using a CC3D board, it's almost out of memory.


Re: CC3d and altitude hold?
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Thanks for the reply, Laurent
      It's unfortunate that all the Librepilot development is going to the admittedly so-cool Revo. It is, however fortunate that another developer has realized the amazing potential and huge numbers of  CC3d boards used by hobby/sport fliers, and is providing meaningful support. Good luck with the expensive Revo.




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Re: CC3d and altitude hold?
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@gotoguy  Like you I'm an end user and not project "core team" member although that distinction doesn't seem to matter here.  I found LibrePilot a few months earlier than you and since I'm a retired programmer (over 30 years) I initially thought "how hard can it be to add xxx to cc3d".  My first thought was NMEA gps support, how hard could it be really?  It actually is hard, how do you decide what mode to strip out so you have room for the new capability?  They're not lying, the limited hardware on the cc3d is maxed out for memory.

Also, the original LibrePilot team were (and are) the champions of the cc3d. OpenPilot stripped ALL support for the cc3d out of their last release and didn't intend to support cc3d at all.  The LP team spent a lot of time and effort putting support for the cc3d back into the codebase so that they could continue doing bug fixes and whatever enhancements they could for the cc3d users.  All of us who own cc3d boards owe them thanks for that.

There are trade offs in everything.  LP is going to be better for some users and Cleanflight better for others.  I chose LP and for some things replaced my cc3d with a revo.  They're only about $30-40 more than a cc3d on eBay or banggood and I feel it's worth it for the increased capabilities of the board.

Re: CC3d and altitude hold?
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Hi hwh,
    Thanks for the history update on the CC3D. It's strange that Cleanflight was able to provide Altitude hold starting basically from scratch but so difficult for Librepilot. As far as the prices go, in Canadian dollars CC3D $18-20, Revo $60-69, and the available Revo boards have many reported problems with voltage irregularities and bad/inferior sensors. Also, the Naze32 Flip is out there with good quality reports working on Cleanflight and only $34, half the price of the revo, with similar specs.
     Don't know what CC3D enhancements Librepilot have made as mine are all running nicely on OP, but it doesn't look like the enhancement I am looking for is going to happen,