Hi community.
I have built my first quad: Chinese 250 frame, Revo FC and NAZA GPS/compass mounted on a mast (I wanted this because I use the flexi port for iBus, so it is convenient to get the GPS and compass data from a unique port).
Naza GPS and Compass work fine, I did all the calibration a lot of times, and I always find the same issue: When I use complementary + mag (aux mag, of course) + GPS, all is fine, horizon is straight, no oscillations, I have a strong 10 sat fix GPS and a green compass all the time.
When I switch to INS13, the horizon is tilted, and starts to oscillate a bit, which makes flying impossible. I still have 10 sat fix, green mag etc...I don't get what I am doing wrong...
Any idea?
I am on LibrePilot 16.09



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Re: INS13 unstable with 10 sat fix and green mag (NAZA GPS/Compass)
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2019, 10:17:39 pm »
I am on LibrePilot 16.09
You should move to the Next version:
- Updated world Mag Model,
- Multiples algorithms for GPS navigation : Complementary+Mag+GPS, INS13, INS13+CF