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I am interested in restarting my LibrePilot and Revolution quad copter activity. I read here that there is soon to be an updated release of LibrePilot. Is this still in the works? Also, I see that HobbyKing does not have any Revolutions any more. I see that Ebay does have some but is this a dead product? Is there a better controller that is compatible with LibrePiulot? Somewhere I read that AudroPiolot is compatible with revolution. Is this correct? Is ArduPilot a better choice now? I just want to restart with good options.

Re: What is the current status of LibrePilot and the Revolution?
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2023, 10:29:10 am »
We have been working on getting a real release out for going on a year now.  Efforts to predict when a release will come out are usually wrong.  I'm sorry about the delay.

If you want most of what is to be in the upcoming release, you can go to the 'next downloads' and get the latest (I think it is r782).

My understanding is that Ardupilot is good stuff and has good autonomous flight support if that is your direction.  There is a learning curve.  That is offset by the fact that it is popular and there are a lot of guides and advice about it.  There is probably a list somewhere of boards that Ardupilot supports.  I would guess that they do support Revo and Sparky2, but as I recall, they do not support the on-board OpLink on these boards.  I have searched some and the only firmware I have found that supports the on-board OpLink is LibrePilot (/OpenPilot).  Timing is critical for both stabilization and for telemetry, and it takes a sophisticated firmware base to handle both at the same time.  My guess is this is the reason it is not supported.

Porcupinerc sells both Revos and Sparky2s for good prices.  One of those has free shipping and that makes it a better deal.  I and others have bought some of each there and been happy with them.

You can certainly dabble in several different firmware ecosystems to see what you like the best.  :)