Outputting PPM or iBus from CC3D
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Hey guys, just joined the forum.
I'm trying to make a cheap mini quadcopter (hence the username) with coreless motors and a CC3D atom.
I searched the forums for a way to output regular PWM from the Atom instead of servo PWM but the workaround I found here didn't work.
My plan B is to use an Atduino to decode the output servo signals and control the coreless motors via MOSFETs.
Now I was wondering if Atom can output anything other than PWM?
If something with one or two wires is possible like iBus or PPM or I2C it would help both with the weight and wire management and also with Arduino code simplicity.

Just to be clear, I know it can have PPM, iBUS and many othet INPUTs. What I need is to OUTPUT PPM in one wire instead of four wires (for 4 channels).
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Re: Outputting PPM or iBus from CC3D
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To get back to your plan A (FC to output PWM to drive some transistors to drive the brushed motors).  It has been done and with CC3D.

My quick search of the forum for
  brushed PWM
found this and others.


As for outputting PPM, I would imagine that OpLink could do that, but not an FC.  And it would be the RC control channels, not the motor channels, etc.  Just won't work without a lot of code changes.