Thrust PID Scaling
« on: March 19, 2022, 08:15:36 am »
Can someone explain to me how to adjust the thrust pid scaling so that I can help alleviate the shakes on high throttle punch outs?

Re: Thrust PID Scaling
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Where I have seen wobbling most is in descent.  The multicopter gets in it's own downwash.  This can also happen during the stopping of descent by using high throttle.

The best I can recommend is to run AutoTune (not available on CC3D).  It generally makes a very good set of PIDs that greatly reduces these wobbles.  A good manual tune would help too, but I'm not going to try to explain how to do a manual tune here.  I remember when I used to have the wobbles during descents.  There are still some minor wobbles there, but it isn't something I have to worry about any more since all my quads are AutoTuned.

Balance your props.  Higher throttle can mean higher vibration, and vibration beyond a certain point overloads the sensors and causes instability.

I feel I should warn you about D term oscillation (generally invisible) too.  Symptoms include motors that are always hot, even from just hovering, and throttle seeming to be stuck at mid point even with the stick far away from mid point.  Your current problem may or may not be related.  A quick test is to set all the D terms to zero (and perhaps reduce P's and I's a bit if you are tuned tightly) to see if the problem goes away.

TPS works by allowing you to change the PIDs depending on your throttle stick position.  It sounds like you think your high throttle stick positions need to have their PIDs changed.  The question is whether they are currently too high or too low.  TPS has a default curve that increases PIDs at lower throttle and decreases PIDs at higher throttles.  Just enable it (Stabilization -> Advanced) and see if it makes your wobbles better or worse.  Leave all the TPS settings at default values for the first test.