ESC no longer working
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Configuration : Window 10 last version, Libre Pilot 16.09   fixed wing, equiped with standard ESC for fixed wings.

This is the second time LibrePilot has killed my ESC.

Going through the calibration menu of the motor was succesfull.

Then switching off and restarting, the ESC is no longer working.

It is totally dead. When powering it on, no sound are emited even when connected to a tester and whatever is the sequence of powering it on.

I haven't had any problem whith the quadcopter.

What is the reason these ESC are no longer working ?

What is the way to restore them in the working conditions ?

Best regards.

Re: ESC no longer working
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Just some thoughts.

It should be impossible for a bad 0-5V input signal to fry an ESC.  If powering the FC with 5V, it should be impossible for the FC to fry the ESC.

It is more common to break the FC by plugging in a powered ESC.  If the signal and +5 connect before the ground pin you have just fried your FC "ESC servo connector".

Do you know the ESC is bad?  What happens if you plug a different ESC into that set of 3 pins?  Or what happens if you connect the bad ESC straight to the PWM on a receiver or to a servo tester?

Also, it only takes an instant of shorting the motor wires to fry an ESC.

Finally, some ESCs are poorly designed, the phases stay conductive for a short time after being turned off.  Turning on a different phase during this time creates an internal short...

Have you asked Google whether other people have problems with this type of ESC?
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