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Issues with MinOPOSD setup and Revo
« on: August 28, 2021, 06:01:08 pm »
I flashed HolyBro OSD board with LP_All_From_Revo170818.hex to use it with librepilot telemetry instead of Mavlink (with telemetry OSD need only TX from Revo so I can share the same telemetry UART with GCS downlink). OSD seems to work and it displays telemetry data except for temperature. Instead of temperature OSD displays something like this:


The above values don't change during flight. That looks like something changed (15.x -> 16.x) in the telemetry data structures and LP_All_From_Revo170818.hex is no full compatible with 16.09 - it displays other data not  temperature. Before I start dig into source code maybe someone recognize the above data?

Edit: OK, I figured it out. The above data are PID values. There is a bug in OSD Configurator which sets wrong label data ID (label "Temperature" shows the PID data, not temperature).   I made a workaround  in the MWOSD code & recompiled it, now OSD displays proper temperature from the baro sensor.
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