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GoogleEarth can be coviniently used for planning and simulation of path plans for autonomous flights.

Some time ago I've written a very simple tool to convert the list of waypoints from GoogleEarth saved routes (kml format) to xml files that can be directly loaded into LibrePilot GCS PathPlanner.

GoogleEarth displays heights in EGM96, instead of WGS84 (GPS height) that is used in LibrePilot.
The tool has an option to apply the Geoid separation correction value for the area of interest during conversion.

Sources (Delphi 5) and the precompiled Win32 executable are on github:


Win32 executable: https://github.com/jdlilov/KML2LPXML/blob/main/KML2LPXML.exe

P.S. The tool creates a pathplan of waypoints with absolute coordinates (lat, lon, alt), NOT relative to Home Location. There was an issue in LP 16.09 that prevented such plans being loaded in GCS from a saved file: https://librepilot.atlassian.net/browse/LP-610

The issue is already resolved and the pull request is merged in 'next'.


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Re: Tool for converting GoogleEarth .kml file to LibrePilot PathPlan
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2020, 01:29:47 am »
Good job  :)


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Re: Tool for converting GoogleEarth .kml file to LibrePilot PathPlan
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2020, 09:31:27 am »
Thanks, I hope it will be of use for not only me.

GoogleEarth is a nice free instrument for simulation of flight plans in 3D, especially in more challanging terrain, when taking care not to violate LineOfSight to the takeoff location (where radio control and vrx equipment is usually located).

The drawback here is, or at least I don't know how, to set different endpoint heights along the path in GoogleEarth while creating the path. This is overcomed by saving the path in .kml file, and then editing it in a text ediotr like Notepad++.

            27.73969535063608,42.29710351265771,110  27.75700061676305,42.28759759045708,190

After adjusting heights, save and reload the .kml file in Google Earth to have the desired 3D path. Simulate and further edit. Moving existing path points preserves their new preset heights.