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Moving config to different FC
« on: May 08, 2020, 11:58:03 pm »
I'm trying to copy the configuration originally saved in an Atom FC to a mini Revo FC. After upgrading and erasing I import the UAV file, do a reboot, I can operate the two servo channels, but the 4 motors don't work and won't arm. If I go through the wizard and recalibrate the motors, I can get them to work, but then I can't adjust the motor settings at all & it deletes the servo channels. What should I be doing?
Attached is the UAV file.


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Re: Moving config to different FC
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2020, 05:32:30 am »
I was able to workaround. I switched the aircraft type screen to custom, saved and rebooted. I was then able to alter the mixers settings & set the other two channels to type servo. But the servos still didn't work. I found the issue was setting the output ranges in the output screen. Saved and now works.

Re: Moving config to different FC
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2020, 07:50:37 pm »
For others who read this thread:

My thought for this post started out to be: Sure and then just change this and that, but I realized by the time I started typing that there were several this and thats, and that I may not even be remembering all of them.

Calibrations should be done individually for each board even when moving to a new board of the exact same type.  There are even some calibrations that should probably be redone when moving an FC from one aircraft to another of the exact same aircraft.  The board leveling may be different by a degree, and mag calibrations may differ.

HWSettings CC_*Port vs RM_*Port (don't use RV_*Port, that is the old 2 board Revo set).
Some things are done differently in CC3D because of CPU limitations (e.g. PPM_PIN8+OneShot, PWM+NoOneShot, output banks (where output protocol/speed is set) cover different sets of outputs (this makes sense when you are looking at the Output page) so the Output page will have to be adjusted)
Some things aren't supported at all on CC so going from Revo to CC, you loose things (e.g. GPS flight modes)
A few things don't work well on CC (e.g. MSP OSD because of memory size)

So the best advice I can give is to:

Somehow make notes of all your tweaks, like PID settings and special functions, and Flight Mode Switch settings.
  Stuff you tweaked to get your special hardware working and get modes and tweaks to make it fly the way you want.  This can be as simple as print screens of the GCS pages where you set these.  You can also export settings UAV file which is a human readable text file that you can get numbers from (or import just to do print screens later, and then erase the import).  I actually make several copies of UAV files and remove stuff to leave one copy that is just board calibrations (for moving that board to another aircraft) and another copy that is just aircraft setup and tuning like FMS and PIDs (for putting a new board into the same or similar aircraft).

Set your new board up from scratch, including calibrations, as if it were a new model.  Then add your tweaks from your notes.
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