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Rotors don't move despite of armed and throttle
« on: January 29, 2020, 10:39:58 pm »
As in the topic. System health is OK (attachment) and armed by yaw left. After throttle up motors don't spin - in attachment #2 we can see that throttle is received. Where else i should look for error?

Re: Rotors don't move despite of armed and throttle
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2020, 06:09:34 am »
It looks like you are using LP 15.09.  I presume that is running on the FC too.  15.09 is old.

I presume you are using a CC3D FC.

There are many possible reasons, some more likely than others:
- ESC calibration
- ESC signal protocol used and whether ESCs can use it
- ESC outputs are all reversed
- ESC signal connectors are backwards
- Output page wrong any one of several ways such as Min is too high for ESC to arm
- Hardware page is set up wrong
- etc.

Do motors beep at all when you plug in a battery?  Do they keep beeping?

I suggest that you:
- Take props off and test an ESC/motor by plugging the ESC signal cable straight into the RC receiver throttle channel or a servo tester.
- Use LibrePilot version 16.09 or version 'next' on both the CC3D and the GCS, but you could try the following ESC calibration page first.  This may not fix your problem, but it gets you up to a level that we are more used to working with.
- set up ESC signal protocol to PwmSync or [email protected] and do ESC calibration and motor neutrals
- attach screenshots of Output and Hardware pages
- attach your .uav settings file (File -> Export UAV...)