Which one to choose?
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Expo on the TX or expo in GCS

Hey ho,

I was wondering what's your opinion on setting the expo on the flight controller vs setting the expo on the radio.

People on the internets (at least in the quadcopter communities) seem to have strong opinions against setting the expo on the radio and claim that it does affect your effective stick range, plus the board should be better at calculating the expo.

What do you think? If some of the devs could share their input it would be awesome too!
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Re: Which one to choose?
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Dual rate has that problem of not allowing full stick travel, but expo should not have that problem.

Expo is supposed to be less sensitive around neutral, but more sensitive with larger stick motion and full stick with expo on should be the same as full stick with expo off.

I would probably set it in the transmitter because it is easier to change at the field that way.

I personally don't like expo, but I realize some people do.  By definition, expo is not linear.  A little motion around stick neutral doesn't do much, but a little extra at 75% stick adds a lot.  You just can't develop a feel for the sticks like you can when adding some stick does the same at neutral that it does at 75% stick.  I suspect it is often used when someone wants to be able to fly normally, but still be able to call for really crazy amounts of throw.


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Re: Which one to choose?
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