FC without a RC
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Can I program a FC with Cleanflight Inav to start levitating (or follow me) upon an on board button press? (without ever using a RC)

Would be good if the altitude of levitation is the one captured during the button press.

Or do I need an intermediary micro controller such as Arduino Leo to stimulate a RC (dunno if this is possible)?
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Re: FC without a RC
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I don't know if you can this with Cleanflight.
You may need to ask in a CF/BF forum for a appropriate answer ?

Seems a copy/paste question from here :)
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Re: FC without a RC
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Cleanflight is of course a different brand of FC firmware etc.  This is the LibrePilot forum.  I assume that you are willing to use any brand of firmware that can do what you need.

It sounds like you are trying to make a camera platform to take pictures of you.

That needs GPS (or equivalent, like optical flow) because without that, as soon as it takes off, it drifts with the wind (downwind) and eventually crashes into something, unless you steer it with RC or use GPS etc. to keep it in one place.

Without some form of RC, how do you tell it to land?  It must at least have the capability to do that.  Were you maybe planning on leaving a long USB cable attached?

Think through some of this and give us more information about what you want to do, including how you want to control it (moving and landing at least) once it is flying.

There are several picture/video drones available for about USD $50-60 shipped that do:
- optical flow (stays in one place with wind, like a poor version of GPS)
- uses hand gestures to takes pictures and videos
- uses hand gestures to tell it to land (from what I can tell)
You can't make one for that price.  I have bought one of these, but have not received it yet.  I can't guarantee anything about it.  There are many such drones for about this cost.  This is only one.