Thank you all
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When I started my Trex 470LM/CC3D Atom project I had just downloaded (upgraded) to Black Rhino. I managed to get everything set up and seemingly working on the bench. But I had one hang up.....

Stack Error. >:(

Powering up normally with the battery it NEVER would allow me to arm, because of the stack error. I found that if I booted (powered) via USB that every few tries it would clear the stack issue and then I could connect the battery and run tests and further prep the setup.

Frustrated, I parked the project and figured when I got around to it I would just spring for a BeastX and be done with it.

That was so many months ago I don't even recall when. But I was running r711 at the time...which had just been released.

I just revisited the project. After several tries with r711 and much frustration I installed r782 (skipped right over r735 or whatever it was). Updated the FW on the CC3D to match the GCS, checked all the settings ANDDDDD......

It boots and allows me to arm. 5 times in a row it armed on the bench after powering up via battery. Before, not once did it allow a boot from battery and arm.


Final tweaks can commence and then maiden flight.

So thank you, all you who post your knowledge here, and especially to the developers.
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