Revo Mini
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Hello everybody!

I have a question about the Revo mini controller.
I know it's not a standard controller and it is the same as a full revolution but without the telemetry radio.
I was wondering if someone could tell me what is the function and pinout of the OPLINK AIR port? it is a 8 pin connector so i know it's not the FLEXI-IO port.

Some pictures..

I wanted to have a simple indicator on my quad so i coud know what is the state of the mag sensor and GPS fix or number of satelites. I made a little arduino board with 7 seg display. It connects to the Flexiport or Main port and it recieves outgoing telemetry data. everything was working great until i purchased a GPS with mag sensor.
now the thing hogsup both ports and i cannot connect my arduino to anything.. is it possible to send telemetra data trough the OPLINK AIR?

And i know about the WS2811 LED. But i don't like it because i cant change the blinking pattern ;)

Thank you!
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OPLink Air port is basically an SPI bus, that is connected to the RFM22B module on the normal Revo and is also used for the flash chip on both Mini and normal Revos.

There's also an extra UART on the Flex-IO (receiver) port, so if you're not using a PWM receiver, that's your option.

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Hmm... How du i setum the extra uart? I have a turnigy 9x transmitter and reciever and i made a interface so it encodes all pwm channels to PPM... So no problems with that :)

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You can read about it here:
Although the page talks about the normal Revo, Revo Nano is basically the same, only that the radio modem was moved off the board

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I tottaly missed that. It seems that there is no option for PPM+telemetry in  the 15.09 version.... I compiled my own source but I didn't check for that option.

Thank you so much!