Newbie problem - quads dance like ballerina's!
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I posted as newbie question - because although I was OK doing this stuff 18 months ago... I  had a break from then  till recently - from all things quads!
All run CC3D and current FW installed then and reinstalled today - run teh setup through LP  and everything seemed just as it was when they went into hibernation.

One of the 500 frames seemed to have a slow back left ( Mars 2216 920kv) motor - changed it for a spare Phantom 3 motor - no change. replaced it and changed the EMAX 30A ESC... seemed OK on startup all seemed turning  the same ...added throttle and  it leapt up  like a ballerina and pivoted on the back left arm!
I swapped over to a 450 quad -  again CC3D was OK  last time out - but updated it and re did the setup - although virtually nothing needed changing.  Took it out tried it... did the same ballerina pirouette - on the same back left arm!   I have another 500 and 450  to test yet. 

So can anybody suggest a solution?? Is it the CC3D being a bit dated??    I know my two Naze FC seem to  be totally outdated and unusable now!! 

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Re: Newbie problem - quads dance like ballerina's!
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It's very important to follow all the instructions exactly.   :)  Two wrongs don't make a right; for example all your motors are spinning the wrong way and you just swap the props around so they all blow downward.  That is one example that would make it spin like a top.

I have several Naza FC's running v3.10 as I recall.  I decided to stay at that version.  DJI doesn't want people to use 3.10, they want you to downgrade to 3.08 (or upgrade to 4.x) because 3.10 has been hacked to run on the Naza M Lite.  I have my laptop blocked from phoning home to DJI because DJI spys for China the way Kaspersky (anti-virus) spys for Russia.  Don't laugh, look it up.  Naza controllers on non-DJI quads are probably safe from spying because there is no integrated camera, for integrated DJI products (Phantom, Inspire, Mavic, Spark, Tello ...) don't ever fly them close to restricted areas.  Ever wonder why DJI forces you to run their app while flying? When no-fly zones are built in and upgraded periodically?