Settings not saved to CC3D Flight Controller
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I try to configure a CC3D Flight Controller, using LibrePilot 16.09.
But I'm not able to save any setting back to the controller, the save button shows simply a red cross (see screenshot).
Also the Vehicle Setup Wizard is failing to save the MixerSettings.
The Firmware looks good, I tried already to Reset, Erase and Load (Upgrade) the Firmware as stated in many other posts.
I also checked, if the controller is armed, but setting "Arm airframe using throttle off and:" is "Always disarmed".
But I have no clue what's wrong. May be someone can help me?
I upload the GCS settings as well as the UAV Settings from the CC3D.

Thank you.

kind regards Bernd

Re: Settings not saved to CC3D Flight Controller
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Look here for the ongoing saga.

Short version, use Betaflight or Cleanflight flash_erase command line option until we get a better understanding of what makes this happen lately.
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Re: Settings not saved to CC3D Flight Controller
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Thank you for this quick response.
Unfortunately I was not able to get the CC3D connected to the Cleanflight or Betaflight Software.
It shows only "Unable to open port". So I can't launch the CLI to enter the flash_erase command.
In LibrePilot I still can't save the settings or finalize the Wizard with saving the Mixersettings at the end.

But I can successfully export and import the UAV Seetings (File > Export UAV Settings... and File > Import UAV Settings...).
What is the difference with this function?

Thank you.

kind regards Bernd

Re: Settings not saved to CC3D Flight Controller
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Export just writes a computer file with the settings from the FC.

Import reads from a computer file and writes the flash memory.  Importantly, it does not erase the flash memory, mainly because the import file does not necessarily contain all settings.  This is like a computer re-writeable CD-RW disk.  The import file may just have for instance, just sensor calibrations, or PIDs.  I have several of these partial settings files.

Import assumes there are enough blank flash blocks to store all the settings.  I have never calculated exactly, but I believe that you can import several times before running out of blank flash blocks.  I have done this (imported several times without erasing settings) and not ran out of flash blocks.

It's recommended that you erase settings whenever it's easy for you, like when you are going to run the setup wizard, or if you are changing all the settings by importing them.  Note that even if the code did erase before import, that it would not help you here.  The problem seems to be that LP's EraseSettings does not work with some CC3D's in some cases; maybe with some recent clone CC3D's.  I can't say that I have ever heard of this problem on FC's other than CC3D.  Never for Revo, Nano, or Sparky2 as far as I know.
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