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Hello the OtherCliff

Finally I succeeded in making GCS working in W10 by re installing the 16.09 on top of the existing one WITH OpenGL drivers installation.

Further to a reboot ordered from the GCS, I lost the communication, so I had to install the USB driver also.

I'll continue working on my configuration.
I belong to a modelist association and because I had a certain amount of crashes, I intend to focus on how to rescue me from a confused situation by restoring the plane "flat".

Re: YEEEEAH !!!!
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I might be able to help there, I wrote the autopilot for fixed wing for Openpilot/Librepilot. Restoring a plane to upright/level is pretty easy, you only need to configure attitude stabilization - but the plane needs some space to "pull up" - so don't expect miracles and flick that on last second in an upside down nose dive :)