Hi, I am new to building quadcopters. I got a kit from amazon(huge mistake) and just finished building one but I am facing alot of issues regarding its flight.
Here are the specifications:
Frame- F450
Motors- A2212 1000KV
Flight control board- CC3D
ESC- 30A
Transmitter - FlySky FS-CT6B

Every time i fly it in attitude mode somehow the calibration goes off and i have to recalibrate it again. Doesnt happen in rate mode.
Here are two pictures which shows the problem.

Not sure what you mean by "calibration goes off"...

There are some things you should know:
- It's important that the trims be where they were when you did the transmitter wizard part of setup.  With battery plugged in, USB plugged in, transmitter on; in GCS go to Input page.  Make sure that your transmitter roll/pitch/yaw trims are set so that the sliders that show the stick positions are sitting on the neutral number (maybe bouncing a little above and below).  Leave the trims there.  Period.
- After that, it should be perfect in Rate mode.
- After that, yaw should be perfect in Attitude mode since it should be set to Rate or AxisLock.
- If it drifts in Attitude mode (no wind) you need to adjust Attitude ->RotateVirtual.  If it is drifting forward you subtract from pitch.  If it is drifting left you subtract from roll.
- You should set it on the ground when plugging the battery in.  You must set it on the ground when arming it.  Gyro biases are calibrated at these times and a human cannot hold it perfectly still enough for a good calibration.