Bluetooth reconnect
« on: January 22, 2019, 08:18:55 am »
Hi guys,
I've got an issue with a bt controller:

If I try to pair it using libreelec settings addon, everything works fine, until I reboot the rPI (rPi2). Once I reboot, I am no table to connect again, unless I go to libreelec settings addon, and delete the prevous connection (it appears like trusted but does not pair/connect again).

Once I delete the bt entry on settings addon, I can search for a device again, and pair/connect fine.

If I try to use bluetoothctl, the device never connects; it only works by libreelec settings addon, so I cannot make an script or something like that.

As you guess, this a tricky method.

Is there anyway to connect automatically, or do it by any kind of scripts, maybe?

I am using libreelec 7.0.3 on a rPI2.


Re: Bluetooth reconnect
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I've had problems with Bluetooth too.  I was trying to get it set up via a terminal program connected to the serial side.  I wanted to connect my OpLink to my GCS laptop without a cable.  There are different chip sets and different command sets.  There is a master/slave type of device, and a slave-only type.  After a short time, I gave up and used a USB cable since I don't actually need the GCS laptop that much.
I don't have an rPi.  Here is a wiki search.  The first link is the most useful, but there is a comment about Mac's needing a security setting: