[CLOSE] CC3D with F45A 6S 4IN1 32bit ESC
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Hello !

I'm new on this great projet, and i try to make my quadraRotors.

But I've a little problem. How plug my "F45A 6S 4IN1 32bit" (http://http://uav-en.tmotor.com/html/uav/html/2019/esc_0107/190.html).

After soldering, i connect CC3D servo with ESC motors 1,2,3 and 4. But i don't know how power my CC3D.

How power my CC3D througth servo with 4in1 Tmotor.

Thanks a lot !
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Re: CC3D with F45A 6S 4IN1 32bit ESC
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The FCs are best powered with 5 volts, so you cannot connect them directly to the battery.  You must use a voltage reducing circuit.

It looks like that ESC does not have a built in BEC (battery eliminator circuit = voltage converter from 7V to 26V down to 5V) so you will have to add a separate BEC.  Separate BEC is normally just powered from battery like ESCs and can be connected to an unused FC servo connection or even to mainport or flexiport or FC receiver connection.  Just connect 5V or 6V BEC output to the power connection wires of any of these.

I have used these BECs in the past,.

But if you are using 3 cells or less and are not using actual servos you could even use a linear BEC which might have less electrical noise than a switching BEC

also these

both that I have linked to are switching BECs and work with 2S to 6S lipos.

If you are in a hurry, you can search for similar ones that have better promised delivery time.

Re: CC3D with F45A 6S 4IN1 32bit ESC
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thank you a lot for your response  !