I am helping my 13 old son connect his cc3d controller to LibrePilot.
We are using a Mac running High Sierra.
When we connect the USB cable some leds turn on on the controller. A blue light turns on and a light orange light keeps flashing.

But the LibrePilot software cannot connect to the controller.
The only options we see are:
  • serial:cu.Bluetooth
  • serial:tty.Bluetooth
  • Logfile:Logfile replay
  • UDP:Unconfigured

We have seen in some youtube videos that the a connection of type USB is available, and this is what is used to connect to the cc3d controller.

Are we maybe missing some driver?
If so where can we find them.

Here is a link to the quadcopter kit we purchased:


It might come with an old version of OpenPilot (LibrePilot's predecessor) on it.  If so you first update the bootloader and then update the firmware.


(The CC3D bootloader file is also on that page)