Re: CC3D saving configuration not possible (but it is always disarmed)
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Please post your settings from the board that has this problem, so I can put them in my CC3D.  :)

How many versions of OP/LP (and what versions) do you have on each computer / VM?
- Win 10 native
- Win 10 VM
- Mac OS
Is it true that each computer has had several versions installed, even if they are removed now?

Do you have any other OP/LP boards (like more CC3D / Revo / OpLink) plugged in when you do this?

Are you using Bluetooth on these computers?

Here is a link to a post another user that has this problem made.  It has a video of the GCS and clearly shows that "after pressing OK, the CC3D reboots and connects to GCS almost immediately.  2 seconds after pressing OK, FlightTime starts counting, beginning with FlightTime=2"

The next post after that has a GCS video that I made where it works normally (on Linux though, not Windows/MacOS).  "it takes 20-30 seconds for CC3D to reconnect to GCS.  23 seconds after pressing OK, FlightTime starts counting, beginning with FlightTime=23"  MacOS people have already replied to this post, so no need to reply to it.

My question is whether yours acts like the first video (comes back quickly, 2 seconds after pressing OK) or like the second video (takes 20 to 30 seconds to come back after pressing OK) or if it acts like something else.

Thanks for your help in trying to track this down.
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