If you don't have an FMS (Flight Mode Switch), or if you set the number of switch positions to 1, the 16.09 GCS transmitter wizard stick display will stop moving and seem to be locked up.  There is a work around that @f5soh documented and here it is, copied from the original @f5soh post, to make it easier to find.

Here is a workaround for users that do not use flightmode.

When the wizard ask to move the stick to extend, the sticks do not move on screen... it doesn't matter.

For the last step where the stick movement need to be checked and reverted is needed (jump to 0:40 in video):
- Go to the UAVOBrowser and search for "FlightModeNumber" UAVO
- Set the value to 1 and Save

Go back to the last step "Check if reversed" and you can see the sticks moving on the screen and select the channels to be reversed.