LP Map window not behaving properly?
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 GCS is 16.09.  FC is a Revo.

Whenever I zoom in or out on the map portion of the flight data tab, the map does not refresh properly.

For example:  If I use the zoom slider in the upper right corner of the map panel, and click the plus icon once, the map does in fact zoom in, but the result is that larger blocks of text (city name, freeway numbers, etc.) are not replaced, but are instead overlaid with the same text at the new zoom level.  This makes the map more cluttered and harder to read with each successive zoom.  Other map functions seem to work ok (Set Home Position, Centering, etc.).  An Erase and Upgrade of the FC made no difference.   

Re: LP Map window not behaving properly?
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The main issue causing this is that Google updates it's maps every week or so and the old maps become less and less usable.

Set this environment variable: GCS_GOOGLE_SAT_VERSION
to this: 803
(search Google for how to do it for your operating system)

In Linux you can just prepend GCS_GOOGLE_SAT_VERSION=803
to the beginning of the command that launches GCS.

In Windows (it's been many years for me, so old Windows version) it was in Device Manager -> Environment if I recall correctly.

and try again.  If that doesn't fix it then the problem is that it has saved those tiles at those resolutions because Google said they were the correct resolution.  The best thing to do is to delete your old saved map database.  It is called Data.qmdb so just have Windows do a local file search for that.  On Linux it is stored at ~/.cache/LibrePilot/LibrePilot\ GCS/mapscache/Data.qmdb

When you get it working, I suggest that you use GCS map to visit all your flying sites, right click and do "rip map" at each flying site.  That way it is saved correctly at that map version and this won't happen again.

Re: LP Map window not behaving properly?
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..Great response, Cliff, and very helpful.

I first implemented the environment variable recommendation.  Interestingly enough, it was already there, but specified '717' instead of '803'.  Changing it as you recommended eliminated most of the problems... I am now able to move around the globe, zoom in and out, set home position, etc... and the map updates faster than before and with no unwanted artifacts left on the screen at all.  Maximum 'zoom in' shows me about half of the roof on my house, and all zoom levels are 'clearer' than before.

Next, I attempted to delete the data.gmdb file, and found there were two of them... one in the Windows AppData subfolder, dated 3 years ago, 5 Kb in size, and one in the Windows Roaming subfolder, 14.3 Mb in size and dated last night.  I deleted both of them, restarted the GCS, and saw no further differences other than a a slightly slower load/display of the map I had previously specified as the default zoom and resolution.

All this was tested using LP 16.09 under Windows 10 at current maintenance level and with no FC connected.  For the record: in Windows 10, the environment variables are found under 'System' on the System Properties tab.

Thanks for the help!!   On to the next learning step:  Plugging in a GPS module for the first time...   ;D
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