Re: Stoton GPS
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LP supports uBlox protocols up through Neo8.  It looks like this is a Neo8, but I won't assume responsibility for that.  It uses some letters that are not "Neo".

It does not come with a mag.  Having a mag as part of the GPS is import; especially for small quads.  I have flown a 500mm quad or larger with just primary mag, but wiring routing and twisting is very important for that.  Maybe 330mm would work.


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Re: Stoton GPS
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Thank you for the reply.
I know about magnetometer restrictions.
By the way, I see on chinese sites HMC5883L with true HMC5883L (L883) chip and clone HMC5883L with QMC5883 (DA5883) chip. First one has 0x1e SPI address but second - 0x0d. Is LP software able to recognize both?

Re: Stoton GPS
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I recall hearing a developer (maybe mr_w) talk about this issue.

Found it.  Here is the thread.  It seems this does not work in 16.09, but may already work in next, but better ask @mr_w if it is important to you.