GPS configuration and Magnetic declination
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Good morning, I have come to ask for help once more, my GPS is an M8N with compass, my board is a REVO and I am with doubt function in the figure
1- Gotta stabilize the magnetometer including 25 positive pitch
and yaw, my Magnetic declination is -21 ° 22 (Brazil SP) would it be in that place that it should include? I have not done any flight tests yet

2 - Does X AXIS, Y AXIS and ZAXIS need to be reset? (zero level)


Re: GPS configuration and Magnetic declination
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Those settings are the mounting orientation, not declination.  :)

For I2C mag they should be either 0,180,0 or 180,0,180

Edit: That assumes that the GPS/mag is mounted so that the arrow is pointing forward and so that the GPS/mag is level during hover.  If you have "race mount" (angled forward) motors, you will need to adjust the center number accordingly.
See section about Tilt Motors and realize that you can now make the changes in Configuration->Attitude->Magnetometer
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Re: GPS configuration and Magnetic declination
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Thanks for the response, I was able to configure