ZeroTheIntegral default and FC orientation
« on: January 04, 2018, 06:51:19 pm »
I initially had a problem with my quadrotor flipping on takeoff due to the ZeroTheIntegral no being set. Since I did not change this myself, I suspect the problem is that this was not set in the profile I used when I ran the vehicle setup wizard. Since there is no guidance given in selecting a profile, it seems like this can lead to lots of frustration for new users if they select a profile that is not well behaved. It might be useful to have two levels of selection here, known good setups for beginners, and use-at-your-own risk setups for advanced users.

Also, the orientation of the FC is not accounted for in the Wizard, and requires customization if you don't use the correct (but non-intuitive) orientation. An additional step here would save novice users a lot of headache.

I suspect most people assume if they use the wizards, they should be able to get their machine off the ground; these two issues can easily prevent that from happening.


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Re: ZeroTheIntegral default and FC orientation
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Both issues you describe are already reported and can be found here and here

Re: ZeroTheIntegral default and FC orientation
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Should the known 1609 issues be updated in the wiki?  I have run into several.

The one that bugs me the most and probably causes user issues is that when using OpLink, Export UAV Settings saves the aircraft settings for most things, but saves the GCS settings for OpLink.  Import is similar.  You have to use USB to get a correct export/import.